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who are we

The show must go on.

Welcome to Eventati, where the rich tapestry of Cultures & More (NGO)'s cultural perspective is seamlessly intertwined with its vibrant mosaic, creating an enriching experience for culture lovers within the Arab community.

At Eventati, our desire to provide comprehensive solutions to access cultural experiences is deeply rooted. We specialize in providing a seamless platform to purchase event tickets, engaging artistic productions, thought-provoking lectures, immersive journeys, inspiring tours, and much more.

Dedicated to promoting a cultural hub, Eventati serves as a meeting point where diverse cultural elements converge. Whether you seek to attend engaging events, acquire unique pieces of art, immerse yourself in enlightening lectures, or embark on transformative journeys, Eventati is your gateway to a world where the essence of culture comes alive. Join us in celebrating the vibrant and dynamic cultural fabric at Eventati, your ultimate destination where culture finds its true place.

Girl Watching Sunset

Our story

Eventati stands as an evolutionary extension of the visionary legacy of the Cultures & More Foundation.

Cultures, born with the mission of promoting access to culture within the Arab community in Israel, has made a profound impact by organizing thousands of events and activities. Driven by the relentless pursuit of enhancing culture, Cultures has moved to new frontiers as the focus has shifted towards elevating the user experience to unprecedented levels. This transformative journey aimed to form an unparalleled connection between artists and audiences, transcending traditional boundaries.

As a natural progression, Eventati is emerging as a leading force in the cultural landscape of the Arab community. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Eventati revolutionizes the cultural experience, offering a platform where users experience a seamless fusion of art and interactivity. This represents a paradigm shift, where the intersection of creativity and audience engagement is being elevated to unprecedented levels.

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