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Where did the universe come from? Why does he have these qualities? What is man’s place in it? These questions have occupied people since the dawn of history, and to answer them they created wonderful stories of the universe that merged earth with heaven, truth with imagination, reality with the unseen, religion with myths, and science with legends. But with the emergence of modern science, and especially in the last hundred years, cosmologists have crystallized an integrated theory that answers many of the questions that have puzzled us throughout history, which is known as “The Big Bang Theory.” This book presents the Big Bang Theory. For the general, non-specialized audience, it describes the history of the universe and its development from the moments of its first creation, about 14 billion years ago, until the present day. The book shows that this theory is not just a story spun by the imagination of scientists out of nothing, but rather reflects a system of integrated knowledge, perceptions and theories woven together by the creativity and innovations of a group of the brightest scientific brains that mankind has ever seen, and it relies structurally on a very large number of observational and laboratory data and facts. The explosion theory Al-Kabir is a clear example of the nature of scientific knowledge, which is an exceptional and unique human activity, self-contained and independent of the social norms and religious stories of this or that people, which the Japanese, Chinese, European, Arab, American and other people can practice and achieve. They all lead to the same results, regardless of their cultural, civilizational and religious differences.

Size 17 x 24 cm
ISBN 978-614-485-074-9
Date 08 – 2020 first edition
Number of pages 426


Book: In the Beginning (Physics, Philosophy and History of Cosmology) - Selim Zaroubi

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