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By: Bassem Khandakji, a prisoner Palestinian novelist and poet

Publication date: 2023

Publisher: Dar Al Adab, Beirut

Awards: Arab Booker Prize for Fiction 2024


The novel “A Mask the Color of the Sky” by the Palestinian prisoner Bassem Khandakji is his first novel, and it forms the first part of the “Mirrors” tetralogy. The novel ventures to correct the dominant narrative about events in Palestine, through the journey of its hero, “Nour,” a Palestinian archaeological researcher living in the Ramallah camp.

Nour comes across an Israeli mask, wears it and takes on the character of "Or" to infiltrate an archaeological excavation mission in a settlement. During this journey, Palestine reveals to him its ancient history buried under the weight of occupation, and confronts him with questions about identity, memory, and belonging.

The book "Mask the Color of the Sky"

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